We offers high-value plant-based ingredients for food, animal feed and industrial applications. Here you can find more information about the different markets and how we meet their demand.

There is a growing attention of consumers worldwide for plant-based foods. In line with this trend, the popularity of meat substitutes and natural foods is increasing significantly. Consumers are more and more requesting greater transparency concerning the origin of the food they eat. High grade protein ingredients from THE PLANTS PROTEIN allows you to respond to these market trends.

The animal feed sector is experiencing dynamic changes. The constant focus of animal management is on efficiency, welfare, health and the performance of livestock. Maximising operating results requires a continuous flow of high-quality nutritional compound feed.

Due to its high feed conversion rate and efficient growth, farmed fish (pisciculture) is a sustainable production system. Consumers value the health benefits of eating fish. The demand for farmed fish is therefore increasing globally, as is the demand for nutritional and functional aquafeed.